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Pronoia Signature Services and Treatments

Pronoia Signature Vajacial

The Pronoia Signature Vajacial was created to treat and prevent your bikini area from ingrown hairs. Basically, it's a facial for your vajayjay!

Enjoy the magical cleanse, steam, extractions, and soothing masks, and moisturizing treatment for your magical vajayjay.

- Price starts at $80 per treatment


Pronoia Vajacial Plus

For those who suffer with more than just an ingrown hair or two. A deeper cleanse for your pores and a stronger exfoliation to get that stubborn dead skin out of the way to allow the hair to come up from deep down under!

*Treatment can only be performed after you've been treated with the Pronoia Signature Vajacial.

- Price starts at $125


Pronoia Signature Underarm Detox

Use of antiperspirants and other deodorants can lead to clogged pores in the underarm and cause the lymphatic system not to be able to detox naturally as it should. The chemicals are also harmful to the body and can lead to hormonal issues and even cancer.

The Pronoia Signature Underarm Detox was created to detoxify the underarms and prepare you to use natural deodorants.

- Price starts at $70 per treatment.


Pronoia Signature Fanny Facial

The Pronoia Signature Fanny Facial was created to treat and prevent your fanny from heat bumps, ingrown hairs, and break outs. Basically, it's a facial fro your bum!

Enjoy the magical cleanse, steam, extractions, and soothing masks, and moisturizing treatment for your fancy fanny.

- Price starts at $85 per treatment


Pronoia Intimate Skin Lightening

There are a number of possibilities that cause hyper-pigmentation in the skin, especially in intimate areas such as the vaginal area and the butt strip. The Pronoia Intimate Skin Lightening Treatment is a great solution to the problem! Our gentle lightening products are strong enough for great results but gentle enough for your more delicate and intimate areas. We also lighten underarms and inner thighs!

- Prices start at $85 depending on area of treatment


 Pronoia Signature Facials

The Pronoia Signature Facials are customized to your skincare needs. Whether you have acne prone skin, dry or dehydrated skin, or just need to relax, a Pronoia Signature facial is the way to go!

- Prices start at $65 depending on treatment


Pronoia Signature Beard Facial

The Pronoia Signature ingrown hair treatment for your neck/beard is an amazing treatment for men that will prevent and treat ingrown hairs, bumps, and breakouts by cleansing the area, steaming, exfoliating, extractions of ingrown hairs and bleackheads, toning, a soothing mask, and last but not least a super hydrating moisturizer. Not only will we be treating the area, but you'll leave the suite educated on how to care for your skin to treat and prevent any issues at home in between treatments.

- Price starts at $65 per treatment


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* Note: All signature services require a non-refundable deposit. Should you need to reschedule  your reservation, a 12 hour notice is required or forfeit deposit.