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Do you know what's in your deodorant?

Do you know what's in your deodorant?

Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants are designed to block the bodies natural ability to sweat and contain aluminum and parabens. Aluminum is a heavy metal linked to cancers and neurological diseases like Alzheimer's. Parabens are linked to hormonal imbalances, cancer in the breast, as well as reproductive issues.

Switching to a natural deodorant

Switching to a natural can be tricky. An underarm detox is recommended for the transition. If you chose note to do an underarm detox prior to making the switch, you may experience a strong body odor no matter what natural deodorant you try to use. Many believe it is the deodorant not working and that isn't the case. The reason why this happens is because with out the underarm detox you are just applying your new deodorant over the old residue under your arms. Also, your lymph may be backed up due to years of your traditional deodorant causing the blockage in the pores.

Many other issues can occur during using traditional deodorants and also while making the switch if you haven't done your research. Some issues include the following:

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • A dark crust under the arms resembling a burn

  • Swollen lymph

  • Strong body oder

  • Bumps and breakouts

  • Ingrown hairs and blackheads

Tip: Schedule your underarm detox prior to making the switch to a natural deodorant. At your reservation we will go over so many helpful information customized to your needs.

Here’s how to do it:

Either through WhatsApp (954)707-9376, or through our online booking which you can find on our services page. I'm sure we will be able to accommodate you.

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Plump, firm, & rejuvenate me! OH MY!

Plump, firm, & rejuvenate me! OH MY!

Why wax?

Why wax?


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